Conductor and Composer

Postcard from Trentino

Postcard from Trentino

The region around Trento has always been a popular tourist destination: whether in winter, with the snow-capped Brenta Dolomites, or long summer walks by the sides of the enchanting Lagorai lakes and overnight stays in mountain huts in the Catinaccio alpine chain in Val di Fassa. However, the Trentino region also boasts a strong musical tradition, especially choral. Several songs harken back to the years of war whilst others speak of love for land and its people. Still nowadays, Trentino has close ties to band music with a whole host of young composers, teachers and conductors committed to keeping traditions alive and patiently harvesting the fruit of their labours. I whished to create a musical postcard from all of the above so that, listening and gently closing our eyes, we can sit back and bring it all to mind for a moment.

Publisher: Scomegna Edizioni Musicali

Total Time: 5'20'

Grade: 3